Volume 1

Review by Gem from Eat, Drink, Stagger


Volume 2

Review by Gem from Eat, Drink, Stagger


Volume 3

Review by LT Shamrock from Duderocket

Review from blackguard23 (syndicated here)

Review from Maria M via Sticky Institute's Sporadic Correspondence Sept 2010 (no link so reproduced below. Hope you don't mind Maria).


I love Stubby Buddy, and ranty zines are the best of the best, but this issue annoyed me somewhat, not for the awesome hand-drawn graphics or amazing reviews (they really are excellent) but the opening article. The alcohol industry has undergone a bit of scrutiny in Australia in the last twelve months, but it seems a bit lame to attack the Ken Henry tax review when it was never actually implimented. Sure it contained some contentious notions etc and yes, "in other news" the whole alcopop thing was a stupid debacle of politics, and no, alcohol is not some automatic social evil, but this "in depth" article is way too in defence of the alcohol industry and doesn't acknowledge in any way that, you know what? Sometimes alcohol can really suck. Sometimes it does happen to be related to accidents and violence. For all the ranting in this zine about the poor victimised alcohol industry, I bet there are a million statistics out there about how fucked up alcohol is and how it's one of the worst drug problems we have in society. I guess what I'm saying is that I would have more respect for Stubby Buddy if they conceeded that alcohol is actually problematic, and does get abused, and that the abuse is pretty mainstream and normalised in our society and IS responsible for fucking a lot of shit up, and hey, it's the ugly side. Acknowledge the ugly side, Stubby Buddy! Because I love this zine, and I want to love it wholeheartedly. How can they exercise such critical thinking in reviewing beers, but not their own industry? Weird.


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