Buzz likes

Playing with design tools

Taking photos

Learnin' stuff

Home preserving

Loungey time with a handful of friends

Bee Sustainable

Comic book adaptations

Dark ales (except Guinness)

New bits of HTML

Dirt + seeds + water + time = Food!

B movie monsters of the non-sparkling variety

Teh intarwebz

Bumble's spare guitar living in her lounge

Hanging out with Bumble

Bumble likes

Writing stories

Drawing little cartoons

Handwriting for the first time in ages

Barbequing over an open fire

Entertaining an audience


Superheroes! Pow! Zap!


New InDesign shortcuts

Just making something

Fantasy & sci-fi stories


Composing songs on guitar

Spending time with Buzz


Buzz and Bumble like

Becoming part of a community of zinesters, hospo workers, microbrewers, homebrewers, writers, musos, beer reps, beer drinkers and bar flies who offer suggestions for articles and ask when the next edition is coming out

Developing an educated palate for beer and cider

Trivia: plural noun. details, considerations, or pieces of information of little importance or value

Having a constructive hobby